A-Plus Home Inspection consultants understand selling a house is stressful enough without getting to the contract stage only to find you are under pressure to repair any defects – even if they are only small.

As the seller of a property who has gone the extra mile in obtaining a building inspection, you are:

  • Instilling trust and providing transparency to potential buyers and as such, you are more likely to get your asking price.

Minor or major defects can be handled ahead of time on your terms.

Our Building Consultants look beyond the aesthetics – to carry out a thorough inspection just as we do for a Building Inspection (link this for ease for the reader) – including:

  • All outbuildings, fences, driveways, paths,
  • External walls and structures
  • Internal walls and structures
  • The roof cavity

Our Building Consultant will speak with you directly following the inspection outlining the inspection result.

We follow this up with a comprehensive report to you within 24-hours, which will include a detailed account of the state of each of the areas examined accompanied by colour photographs of each of these areas. We will alert you to any major defects found in the property, and can recommend local and reliable trades to carry out any repairs you wish to have done, thus providing you with the best foundation and preparedness for the selling process.

All of our pre-sales inspections are carried out in accordance with Australian Standard 4349.1.