Here at A-Plus House Inspections, the primary focus for the pre-handover inspection is on the completeness and quality of the workmanship, and is concerned with the delivery of exactly what’s been agreed upon in your contract. This includes specified finishes, colours, inclusions, etc.

With this in mind, it is important you provide our consultant with contract documentation (drawings, specifications, schedules of finishes).

The most common complaints we hear against builders and contractors are their total failure or indeed reluctance to put right or replace any faulty workmanship, incorrect material or indeed, downright negligent work for which you have outlaid your hard-earned money for. A-Plus Inspections can minimise this or eliminate it altogether with their Pre-Handover Inspection and after service advice to our clients.

Before you move into your newly built home, our Pre-Handover Inspection is a must –  for your peace of mind knowing you can then set about getting the builder to rectify any defects whilst you are within your terms of agreement (which are time limited).

Our Pre-Handover Inspections will identify and advise you of the process on:

  • Any structural defect
  • Doors and windows aligned and sealed correctly
  • All Finishes, fixtures, fittings and appliances – defects
  • Drainage
  • Serious issues like compliance with provisions for bushfire safety are met, termite protection is complete and wet area waterproofing is properly installed.