Bid with confidence!

Knowing you are fully prepared, with the A-Plus Pre-Auction Inspection.  We have a team of expert Building Consultants with a very keen eye and use all the modern technology available to us to detect defects, dampness, and termite damage – present or potential.

There are very few auctions where once the hammer falls and the property is yours, are you allowed to make the contract subject to a Building Inspection after the event.

You should also bear in mind that when you come to insure the new property, any damage that was found to be in existence prior to your ownership, will not be payable under the terms and conditions of your new policy. This is particularly relevant when it comes to damage caused by an infestation of Pests and Termites.

Our Pre-Auction Inspection, which includes all the aspects defined in our comprehensive Building Inspection ensures:

  • That you are not susceptible to the above-mentioned Insurance risk
  • You have peace of mind
  • On auction day, you will be fully aware of the exact condition of the property, which will enable you to consider the level of bid you wish to make. This can include an amount for future repairs of which you are now aware.
  • If you so wish, we can undertake a Pest and Termites inspection at the same time, thus forming part of our Combined Inspections offer.

Do not hold back – even if time is of the essence, we understand this –  Just contact us on 1300 123 123 or email at and we will make sure that when you attend the auction, you are holding our Building Inspection report in your hand before you make your bid.