[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Here at A-Plus we utilise all the technology available to us to thoroughly carry out the inspection of the property. Following is a list of the main focus areas (but not limited to) of our Pre-Purchase, Pre-Auction and Pre-Sales Inspections.


Building Exterior

– We verify that all exterior walls show no signs of dampness or cracking (sometimes this can be an indication of the possible presence of structural issues)
– Our careful examination of any patios or decking, verandas or balconies will ensure that they structurally sound and that there are no signs of rot or deterioration in the woodwork.
– We inspect any further external timber which will include doors, window frames and posts and verify that they are in sound condition.
– The final part of this examination will be to ensure that any external electrical installations have been fitted with the correct safety switches and fully comply with the relevant regulations.

External Roof

– We will climb up onto the roof and first of all identify if there are any damaged or broken tiles, but at the same time ensure that all tiles are correctly secured.
– We will inspect the chimney and flue structures to make sure that these are securely fixed and that any flashings do not allow water penetration into the roof space. We will make sure that the guttering, ridges and valleys are functioning as intended. This will also apply to any downpipes.

Roof Cavity

A lot of potential problems can be identified in this area but a close and detailed examination by our Inspector can reveal such issues.
– We will inspect the integrity of the roof framing to assure no major structural issues are present.
– We will inspect for safety hazards such as unprotected electrical down lights.
– We will inspect and document the presence of sarking and insulation.


This is the area that most people will see when they go around a property for the first time. However, to the inexperienced eye, many possible defects could be missed.
– We will carefully examine all the internal walls to make sure that they are sound and show no signs of cracked plaster work, dampness or decay.
– We check for uneven floors and also if all doors and windows have been correctly hung and function as intended.
– We will check all the wet areas, which will include bathrooms, toilets, laundry and kitchens, we will look for any evidence of water leakage or drainage pipes.

Sub Floor Area

The under-floor region is where most major defects will be found in a property. It’s critical this area checked and inspected by a professional.
– We check for adequate subfloor ventilation.
– We check for decay under wet areas and the entire floor frame.
– We will check all the footing and piers and assure they are structurally sound.
We document if termite ant caps are present or missing.

Boundary Area

It is been our experience that a lot of householders allow these areas to deteriorate and that their upkeep is not considered a major factor.
– We will therefore satisfy ourselves that any driveways and paths are in a fair state of repair and that there is adequate site drainage for the overall property.
– Outbuildings: we will let you know whether they are in a dilapidated state.
– We will advise you on the condition of any fencing and identify any built-up garden areas that may be too close to the main structure of the house.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]